Florida Hospital Zephyrhills

Once again, it was a complete honor to work with the great team at Florida Hospital Zephyrhills. This is their Phase 1, which included the Pediatric Waiting Area. There will be much more to come in 2017!

Love seeing the transformation utilizing vibrant visuals and interactive technology to help young patients past the time while waiting to be seen by the doctor.

These interactive game stations are always a big hit! We’ve even been told some children cry because they don’t want to leave. We’re taking that as a huge compliment!

This crow’s nest is even sculpted by hand and painted by our crazy talented artists! These little mice are hidden within all of our “ship” rooms! Be sure to search for them if you happen to visit the hospital!

Can you believe the detail in this seagull? Almost makes you want to throw him a piece of bread!

Our artists have really mastered the skill of visual illusion!