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Core Products & Services

Wall Coverings

Custom vinyl wall coverings to create a beautiful and vibrant space.

Gantry Skins Di-cuts

Themed vinyl covering that is applied to the gantry or table of various pieces of equipment (CT, MRI, PET, Nuclear Medicine, R/F, DR, etc.).

3D Sculptures

Fully-immersive 3D sculptures are designed and custom-built by hand.

Ceiling Skylights

LED panels can be arranged in an array of shapes to transform ceilings and walls into works of art.

iMotion Projection & Monitors

Over 500+ HD videos controlled by our proprietary iMotion iPad app.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting brings a calming wash of color that compliments the theme of the room and help create a sense of calm for the patient.

Latest Projects

Hero Kit Educational Comic Book Bundle

Ceiling Skylight LED Panel Tile

Ceiling Skylight Window LED Panels Custom Lens Art

Boston Children’s Hospital LED Panel

Boston Children’s Hospital

Johnson City Medical Center Mobile Skin Wrap

Johnson City Medical Center

DTI Creative Patient Experience Healthcare CT MRI Room Design

Florida Hospital – Tampa

Greensboro Imaging - iMotion Projection Video

Greensboro Imaging – iMotion Projection Video

Siemens Healthineers

Want to see DTI products in action direct from your phone? Siemens Healthineers created an Augmented Reality app that can do just that! Download in the app store and unlock the possibilities of healthcare and patient experience.

Siemens Healthineers AR App

Creative Patient Experience Theming

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1080p HD Projections

Our RF shielded Sony projectors have the highest lumen count available to ensure a long term sharp and bright projection.


500+ HD Videos

Over 500+ HD videos that seamlessly loop or play a long format video. All controlled by our proprietary iMotion iPad app.


CT, RT & MR Shielded Installation

Our iMotion projection system shielding allows for seamless ceiling installation in MRI and Radiology rooms.

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