Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital Custom Theming

Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital Wall Theming

Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital

This special collaboration between GE Healthcare and the US-based company, Dream, Think, Imagine, has been in the planning phase since 2014 to achieve the results which are nothing short of extraordinary – eight hospital suites completely transformed into unique creative experiences by a combination of sculptures, wall coverings and 3D technology and other innovative ideas specifically created to immerse “patients and family members of all ages in a positive experience that changes the health care delivery model.”

Patients feel as if they are floating in the air with the rest of the characters! Beautiful South African landscapes and colorful hot air balloons fill the room with vibrant colors and fun! Blending the MRI in to the background was the goal here at DTI! As the theme was “Tree house”, we wanted to create an environment where the patients felt as if they were playing in their backyard rather than being at a hospital.

As a favorite pastime of Nelson Mandela was to work in the garden, we wanted to pay tribute by creating a “Garden Room” where the patients could feel as if they were standing in the same garden as the one Mr. Mandela worked in.


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