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Ocean Vinyl Wall Covering Skin Wraps

Custom Wall Covering Themes

Facilities can choose to wrap with a vinyl covering to create a beautiful and vibrant space. You can pick from a library of designs or work with DTI to create a custom theme specific for their facility.

Wall covering are durable, washable and scrubbable, facilities can use normal medical cleaning products except straight bleach. Diamond Shield may be used and is a secondary clear covering applied to specific areas that may be susceptible to more wear and tear.

Children’s Environments

Children are incredibly perceptive to their surroundings and are affected the most by their environment. We have worked with spectacular hospitals, imaging facilities, and burn centers to create environments that younger patients feel more comfortable in with less sedation rates, cancellations, and anxiety in children.

Popular Theme Categories

  • Pediatric Themes
    • Space Adventures, Underwater, Circus, Pirates, Jungle, Beach, Safari, All hands on deck, Raceway, Musical, Day at the park, Garden, Summer Fun, Starry Night, Sunrise, Fall Friends, Children’s environments,
  • Adult Themes
    • Underwater bliss, River, Inflight, Beach, Sailboat, Hot Air Balloons, Rocky shore, Sunset, Fisherman’s wharf, Lighthouse, Tuscany, Shoreline park, Muir beach, Wooden garden, Tropical Beach, Tropical Sunset, Women’s Health, Adult patient environments

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