MRI 3D Sculptures for MR CT RT

3D Sculpture for MRI CT RT

Custom 3D Sculptures for MR CT RT

If you are looking to make a fully-immersive and exciting experience for the patient, these custom 3D sculptures will do it! Our sculptures are designed and custom-built by hand by a team of artists in Asheville. These impressive features are designed to surround or compliment any imaging modality. Patients and family members will love the experience and are sure to remember the experience for years to come.

Children’s Environments

Children are incredibly perceptive to their surroundings and are affected the most by their environment. We have worked with spectacular hospitals, imaging facilities, and burn centers to create environments that younger patients feel more comfortable in with less sedation rates, cancellations, and anxiety in children.

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MRI Safe Video Projection System for MR CT RT

Video Projection System for MRI CT RT

Sculpture Furniture Art

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Projector Games Interactive Projection System

Projector Games Interactive Projection System

Ambient Lighting System for MRI CT RT
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