MRI Safe Video Image Display System for MR CT RT

Video Displays for MR CT RT

iHorizon Video Display Solution

Video display for walls, ceilings or rolling carts that is safe for MR, RT, CT rooms. Bringing your walls and ceilings to life in an exciting and distracting way that patients will love. iHorizons changes the way patients and staff experience healthcare. Patients can also see their loved ones, play their favorite music, or watch the latest blockbuster!

1080p HD Video Display

MRI Safe, RF shielded video displays and HD sound.

500+ HD Videos

Over 500+ HD videos that seamlessly loop or play a long format video. All controlled by our proprietary iMotion iPad app.

CT, RT & MR Shielded Installation

Our MRI safe iHoizon system shielding allows for seamless wall and ceiling installation in MRI and Radiology rooms.

Products & Services

3D Wall Reliefs

Ceiling Skylight LED Panel Tile

Ceiling Skylight Window LED Panels Custom Lens Art

DTI Creative Patient Experience Healthcare CT MRI Room Design

Wall Coverings Vinyl Skins Wraps for MRI CT RT

Sculpture Furniture Art

2D/3D Sculptures and Furniture Art

Projector Games Interactive Projection System
Ceiling Skylight Window LED Panels Custom Lens Art